Monday, 8 January 2018

On-Page Optimization techniques

On-Page Optimization 

It has various techniques. Following are the most important techniques for the on-page optimization.

1. Content Optimization

Content optimization is the technique to optimize your content so it can be easily visible on the search engine and by the users.
It is very important that the content should be unique. The copied content cannot do anything great for your website ranking because nowadays search engines are enough smart to check the quality of the content.
Content optimization is also very important for the keywords to rank high because Google uses Rank brain algorithm to display results for the search queries by analyzing the intent of the search queries and matching with the content of the website. 

2. Meta tags optimization -

Meta tags optimization is still an important ranking factor. Meta Tags includes the following tags.

Title tag –

Title tag includes the title of the webpage. It should have a length of 50-60 characters and should include the keyword of the webpage.

Meta description tag –

Meta description tag is used to describe the summary of your webpage. It should have a length of 50 – 300 characters and include the keyword of the webpage.

Below is the Example of Meta title and description.

3. SEO-friendly URL structure
URL’s contains the address of the web pages. A good or SEO-friendly URL structure should follow the below terms –
  • Start with the beginning of the URL, Use HTTPS instead of HTTP because it is a ranking signal for Google.  
  • An SEO-friendly URL structure should not have some special characters like (? $ % # etc.).
  • An SEO-friendly URL should be separated by a hyphen (-).
  • It should contain a keyword of the particular webpage and try to keep words on the URL in lower-case.

Below is the example of SEO-friendly URL.

4. Internal Linking

Internal linking is the process of creating a link on the one webpage that points to another webpage within the same website.
Internal linking is important to rank a website by provides users to access the further pages of your website and Search engine (like google) to crawl your website.
The most important point of the internal linking is that it provides value to the users.

Internal linking should be done in a tree structure. Below is the good example of internal linking of web pages.

5. Image optimization

Image Optimization is the process of optimizing the images on the website. It contains the following methods-

Alt attribute –

Alt attribute of the image tag is used to add the alternative text which is useful for search engines, to know about the images because search engines cannot crawl images and for users, if an image doesn’t display then alt text will be display instead of the image.

Filename –

A Filename of the image is also important for image optimization. The filename should not contain default name like “OPO005.jpg” instead of this use descriptive file name like “On-page-optimization.jpg” and always use hyphens (-) to separate the words.

Image size 

Image size is responsible for the page speed so always try to keep image size below 70KB.

6. Mobile-friendly pages

As mobile technologies are evolving day by day so google launches Mobilegeddon mobile-friendly update. According to this update, mobile-friendly pages are very important for the website to rank high in the mobile search results.
Mobile-friendly pages are the pages with Responsive web design (RWD). Responsive web design is the technique to make web pages able to adjust their widths according to the screen resolution from the desktop, tablet to mobile devices.

You can check your pages are mobile-friendly or not by follow the below link